Наше підприємство купує палетну заготовку

About us

One of the most popular types of containers are wooden pallets. Made from durum trees, they provide quality goods and cargo transportation and indispensable for every enterprise. That is why the sale of pallets of wood currently so popular and necessary service.

Looking for a really high quality wood pallets, please contact us! Company «Skify» offers the best products at the most affordable prices. We are the official licensed manufacturer of pallets Epal. Checkered pallets of «Skify» made of solid wood or pressed, providing maximum reliability.

One of the biggest advantages of wooden pallets Epal is that unlike plastic containers, they must be repaired. Our company at reasonable prices gladly repair the damaged wooden pallets, the significantly prolong the operation, and you do not have to buy a new container.

Our pallets can be easily identified, for each specified year and month of production, and there is yellow bracket and labeling Epal IPPC.

In addition to the sale of wooden pallets, our company is also engaged in the purchase, sales and peresortovuvannya pallets that were in use. So if you want to sell the container at competitive price, please contact us and you will not regret it. You will always find wooden pallets in a wide range and high quality and profitable implement these products.

Refer to «Skify», and you get what you were looking for long!