Наше підприємство купує палетну заготовку

Pallet Repair

During the operation exposed wooden pallets significant load, resulting in damage may occur and damage. After prolonged use many pallets are destroyed and can no longer serve high-quality packaging for goods and products. However, do not rush to throw away damaged pallets, as experts of «Skify» easily eliminate all faults, and the container will long serve for the benefit of you and your company.

Pallet Repair of the trees – it’s always the right decision. Using our services, you not only save a lot of money that would be required for the purchase of new packaging, but also can determine nominal and actual number of wooden pallets in the warehouse. After all, no one from the business is no secret that many healthy as broken pallets write off and sell, so to speak, on the left.

We carry out repair pallets of wood in the shortest time and at affordable and competitive prices. Professional workers with experience liquidate all the damages that will increase the efficiency of your packaging and significantly prolong the operation.

Save money with us! Please contact the company «Skify», and their own experience convinced of constant quality of our services.