Skify PE is the very first producer of EPAL certified pallets in Ukraine. Company was established in 2002 and keeps developing with the most modern technologies in the industries of wood-working and production of wooden packaging.

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About Skify

Skify PE is Ukrainian producer of pallets, collars, wooden and metal elements for production of different types of wooden packaging. Established in 2002 as a very-first producer of certified pallets in Ukraine. The company received such licenses and certificates as IPPC, EPAL and UIC.

The range of products consists of licensed and non-standard pallets, pallet collars, presswood blocks and nails for the production of pallets and metal hinges for he production of collars. Also Skify PE produces pellets.

Our company has responsible missions – to supply a high-quality products, to give the best service through the all steps of cooperation and the main one – to save as much forests in our Homeland. It becomes possible due to the wise economical usage of round wood (100% of log is used) and repairment of used pallets. A lot of companies can use properly repaired used pallets instead of new ones.

We believe – the responsible relation to the nature guarantees a happy life of our heirs.


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